March 4-10 CHARM

“The true sword of Mohammed was the charm of his personality.” (Hazrat Inayat Khan). Let us meditate on sharpening our personalities so they cut through egotistic pride by enhancing compassion and respect for all beings.

March 11-17 LOVE

“This I am. This I am. I am what you love. I am what you enjoy. I am what you serve. I am what you long for. I am what you desire. I am what you intend. I am what all that is.” (Julian of Norwich). Let us meditate on the inner state of love, enjoyment, service, longing, desire and our beneficial intentions for the world and ourselves.

March 18-24 BREATH

“Breath, the healing power that is your breath is the shining One, the Queen, the breath is the Directress. She who directs the breath is the Life of all Creatures. When you breathe you quicken the Atman (Divine in you) and this is born again. This is the source of the unwearied ones O breath, I bind you to myself like a child of the waters that I may live.” (Artharva Veda). Let us meditate on binding ourselves to our conscious breath.

March 25-31 STILLNESS

“We meet in the stillness of significance…the relationship of human beings to ultimate meaning can never be conceived as a possession…Our words do not describe it, our tools do so wield it. But sometimes it seems as if our very being were its description, its secret tool.” (Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel). Let us meditate on the silence and letting go as a requisite of the ineffable.

May all infinite blessings surround you all