Nov. 4-11:

A symbol is not an artificially constructed sign; if flowers in the soul spontaneously to announce something that cannot be expressed otherwise; it is the unique expression of the thing symbolized as of a reality that thus becomes transparent to the soul, but which in itself transcends all expression (Avicenna). Let us meditate on symbolizing beautiful images in our imagination that offers peace and healing to oneself and all beings.

Nov. 11-17:

Ordinary people hate solitude, but a Master makes use of it, embracing her/his aloneness, realizing she/he is one with the whole universe. (Tao Te Ching). Let us meditate on being One with the whole universe.

Nov. 18-24:

Keenness of observation is a phenomenon of itself. The person whose sight is not steady cannot observe fully, and in the same way, the mind that is not steady does not have the capacity of observing fully. Therefore the self-mastered person develops full control over body and mind, thereby having balance in all things. (Hazrat Inayat Khan). Let us meditate on calming the body and mind so our observation increases toward relaxed expansion of consciousness.


To know the Tao, meditate and still the mind. Knowledge comes with perseverance…When enlightenment arrives don’t talk too much about it; just live it in your own way. (Tao Te Ching, translated by Loy Ching Yuen). Let us meditate on using our own light and returning to the source of light by letting go of discursive reasoning so that the full mind can develop.