Jan. 6-12:

If now, alas! It is cold winter, with short days and long night, bold simmer speedily walks in to set us free from distress in a short time: that is plainly seen from this New Year; the hazelnut tree offers us fair blooms, the season’s public token–Ya, Vale, Vale, Millies–All who in the New Spring–si dixero non statis est–Wishing to be joyful for love’s sake.” (Hardewijck, A Flemish Beguine, Poems in Stanzas-Vale Millies). Let us begin this New Year and meditate on being joyful for love’s sake.

Jan. 13-19:

“I have spoken these things to you that my joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be made full. This is my commandment, that you love one another, even as I have love you. Greater love has no one than this: that they lay down their life for a friend. You are my friends if you do what I have commanded you. No longer do I call you students, for the student does not know what the teacher does. But I have called you my friends, for everything that I heard from the spirit, I have made known to you.” (Gospel of the Beloved Companion-Mary Magdalene, p. 67) Let us meditate on the joy of friendship expanding in oneself and throughout the universe.

Jan. 20-26:

“Ah, Divine Spirit, how Nature is subtle in many ways, in demanding in the form of goodness and in the guise of her necessity what is not hers to have…And this Divine Knowledge and that hiding of mine impeded me in the way of the homeland by covering me with matter in which I had to take on humility in order to attain what is mine. Thus in this case, I lost what was mine, because it was not ever mine.” (Marguerite Porete-Mirror of Simple Souls, p. 220) Let us meditate in gratefulness on the transient condition of our lives and all living things.

Jan 27-Feb.2

“I spoke: Holy One, blessed are the eyes that shall forever gaze upon this surging love and grasp this wonder. I can never describe it. The Mountain spoke: They eyes that are to see me thus must be graced by these seven things, otherwise, they can never experience it. These are: 1) Slow to borrow, 2) Quick to pay back, 3) To hold back nothing for yourself, 4)To be kind in the face of hatred, 5) To be loving in the face of cruelty, 6) To be pure as to guilt, and 7) Ready for all one might receive.” (Mechtild de Magdeburg-The Flowering Light of the Godhead, p. 86) Let us meditate on these 7 ideas and the surging love that rise up in all reality.

May Pure Wine bring you infinite blessings for this New Year.