June 2-8: How did the rose ever open its heart and give this world all its beauty? It felt the encouragement of the light against its Being. Otherwise, we all remain too frightened. (Hafiz). Let us meditate on feeling the Light against our Being.

June 9-15: Beautiful you rise in heaven’s horizon, O Eternal, living Creator! When you have risen in the eastern horizon, you fill every land with your beauty…you yourself are lifetimes, one lives by you. All eyes are on your beauty until you set, all labor ceases when you rest in the West. (Hymn to Aten, 1550 B.C. Egypt) Let us meditate on becoming like the Sun.

June 16-22: The Divine Source shaped you and made our shapes beautiful. (Holy Qur’an). Let us meditate on the Beauty of our Being.

June 23-30: If we had a wonderful sense of the Divine, it is because we live amid such awesome magnificence. If we have refinement of emotion and sensitivity, it is because of the delicacy, the fragrance, and the indescribable beauty of song and music and rhythmic movement on the world about us. Beauty feeds our imagination. If we have powers of imagination, these are activated by the magic display of color and sound, of form and movements, such as we observe in the clouds of the sky, the trees and bushes and flowers, the waters and the wind, the singing birds, and the movement of the great blue whale through the sea…(Thomas Berry). Let us meditate on the Divine display of Beauty all around us.