July 1-6: East-denotes Mother and Father. Having been supported by Mother and Father in one’s early formation, it is beneficial to perform all duties for them worthy of one’s heritage, and to distribute gifts on their behalf. Let us meditate on bringing all benefit to our parents.

July 7-13: South-denotes teachers. Making sure one has grasped what the teacher has taught, serving them in all necessary ways, and by always rising to greet them and being attentive to their needs. Let us meditate on bringing all benefit to our teachers.

July 14-20: West-denotes wife, husband, children. Honor each other by being faithful, not using disparaging words or actions, giving authority and adornment to each other. Provide children with security and direction that benefits their lives. Let us meditate on being beneficial wives, husbands and examples to our children.

July 21-27: North-denotes friends and companions. Let us offer gifts, kindly words, look after our friends and companions welfare, treat them like oneself, and always keep one’s word. Let us meditate on bringing benefit to all our friends and companions.

July 28-Aug 3: Nadir and Zenith-denotes workpeople, helpers and ascetics. Let us arrange work according to their strength and capacity, supply foods and wages, look after them when ill and let them be released from their work when necessary. For ascetics let us use kindness in deeds, speech and thought. Let us meditate on those who offer their labor to us and hold all protection and benefit for practicing ascetics.

Extracted from Sagalaka Sutta, Honoring the Directions and their meaning by the Buddha. May all beings be well, May all beings be happy, May all beings be peaceful.