About Khalifah Jauhara

On the voyage through time and space where new epiphanies appear and old ones reappear in different forms, one becomes more and more evident as each era passes: love evolves around life, and life evolves around love.

Jauhara has been a Sufi initiate for over three decades. Her path began when she was a young child and had dreams of a man with whom she would sing and talk with. It wasn’t until years later that Jauhara would learn who this man was. In the early 80’s, at a women’s spiritual retreat at Lama Foundation in New Mexico, Murshida Vera Corda introduced Jauhara to Hazrat Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan’s teachings. When Jauhara saw Murshid Inayat’s picture in a book, she immediately recognized him as the man in her early childhood dreams. After about a year of deep inner-investigation and contemplation, Pir Vilayat Khan initiated her into the Sufi Healing Order as a Healing Conductor.

In the early 90’s, Jauhara studied for a year with Murshid Sa’adi Shakur Chishti (Neil Douglas-Klotz) at Holy Names University in Oakland, CA, and attended a weekly zikhr at Murshid Sam’s house with Sheikh Vasheet and Sheikha Leslie Davenport of the Ruhaniat order. Jauhara also began a 2-year-long study with Sheikha Leslie Davenport to become a Cheraga of the Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat, which was completed in 1994.

Jauhara also had dreams of a woman whom she didn’t meet until years later. Jauhara attended the California Institute of Integrated Studies in the mid 90’s and met the woman in her dreams on the campus — Murshid Rabia Ana Perez-Chisti. It was a monumental moment in Jauhara’s life. She was initiated by Murshida Rabia into the Dervish Healing Order and also as a Cheraga of the International Sufi Movement and later as a Khalifah of the SMI.

Jauhara’s life has been one of service, for instance she was one of the establishing members and organized two Rape Crisis Centers, a Woman’s Center, a Women’s Trade Center, a women’s newspaper (New Women’s Times), a Woman’s and Infant’s Health clinic, and organized, established and was the Director of a Battered Woman’s Shelter. Jauhara also has over 20 years in assisting individuals and their families through the dying process and bereavement, and co-owned a hospice care business, Karuna, in New Mexico. Jauhara was also a Philosophy Professor for seven years, an Assistant Dean, and for three years a Director of Education, all at different institutions of higher education. Recently, she was the Chaplain and Spiritual Counselor at a hospice.

Jauhara has a degree in Counseling and Psychology, an MA in Spirituality, and has completed all PhD graduate requirements in Religion and Philosophy with exception of the dissertation, and has maintained a private Spiritual Counseling practice for almost two decades. Jauhara has led, and continues to lead numerous spiritual retreats, workshops and seminars, and brings a transpersonal and integral approach to her teachings and Spiritual Counseling. She works, lives, plays, and prays in northern Arizona.