Ziraat is is called mystical symbology and represents agriculture in symbolic form including the elements which form all of creation. Ratan Witteveen de Vries Feyens indicated that Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan’s profound knowledge of human nature on the one hand and of the elements earth, water, fire, air and ether on the other hand, he created what can be termed “a mystical play,” because it represents the Divine manifestation of the human being, living, working and achieving on earth. It is a play in which the great influences of the five elements, the development of man and woman and the cultivation of the heart take place in order for the human being to develop the art of personality in a most beautiful and creative way ordained by the Divine Source of all.

A student on the Sufi Path works through multiple stages of personal cultivation where they first gather knowledge for their greater spiritual journey. Once this stage of cultivation is accomplished they move on to the work that involves their fellow human beings far and near. Yet with this stage of expanded service the work is even greater within the heart of the spiritual seeker as ones inner experience must be one of realization and application without causing harm to another. Once this second stage is absorbed and applied by the student a final stage is necessary where the student extends their service to the health and well-being of our planet and the cosmos. When this work has ripened the heart of the student sufficiently while rendering devotion through their labor, the results are sweet for all of Creation, it is at this time we feel the grace of the Divine Creator who reunites with one and all.

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Left to Right Murshid Hidayat, Siraja Bhakti, Murshida Ratan (seated), Cheraga Tofah (standing), Murshida Rabia (standing), Murshida Aziza, Murshid Karimbaksh

Ziraat meetings occur seasonally and the focus is on symbology and the elemental concentrations.

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