The Pearl Beyond Price

(A Prayer)

Oh, Divine Bringer of the People. You reign in the worlds above and below.

Priestess, Empress, Prophet, Mystic, Maiden, Mother, Crone, Daughter, Wife, Lover, Traveler to the underworld.

You who manifests the stellar life through the many forms of Divine Light such as Isis, Inanna, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali, Tara, Quan Yin, Haumia, Hvovi, Frencesa Sarah, Magdalene, Mary, Hildegard, Fatima, Hazrat Babajan, Rabia, Sanapia, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mother Mirra, Oya, and Pele. (Add more manifestations as inspired)…and in the many who have come in the past, present, and future. We bow and honor all Your forms.

Your compassion is endless and inexhaustible.

We pray for ever-lasting energy, courage and wisdom. May we harmlessly fulfill Your mighty task of complete surrender to the  Divine Creator and shatter every obstacle with love.

When my heart yearns to unite, it is Your attraction.

When my eyes shine, it is Your cosmic vastness.

When my soul breathes, it is Your Divine law.

When my body dies, it is Your everlasting presence that remains.

Oh, Powerful Cosmic-walker, shower us with eternal starlight that we may know our Divine origin in You.

Purify us and set us free from the conditioned wheel of forgetfulness.

Make us your lucid instruments of peace and protectors of the Feminine.

Brighten our indwelling Shekinah, Chisti and Ruh.

Cast forth Your uniting web of beneficience within the depths of the earth and into the infinite galaxies.

Blessed All

Introduction to my new book, Sweet Reign-The Holy Mother of the World-Gaia and 4th Wave Feminism

(Copyright 2020 Dr. Perez-Chisti)

Hidden in Holy Women’s intuitive actions are the seeds for the spiritual potential that opens a harmonious direction toward understanding 4th Wave Feminism. Women who are spiritually motivated and socially responsive in their service to humanity draw us closer to ourselves because their insights and actions have manifested clear tracks into how we might understand our spiritual experiences of compassion and selfless service that moves into the world. These Holy Women are archetype forerunners of our human potential. How they faced the circumstances of their particular experiences while here on earth, gives us a window into choices sometimes unknown to us as we face our own experiences. While writing this book and while absorbing their teachings, my experiences leap together with theirs, and consilience is confirmed, a theophanic connection to the mystical source of Oneness, who is the Holy Mother of the World-Gaia, converges and 4th Wave Feminist principles are born. Doubt vanishes and one can sense through the subtle awareness and deep knowing in our hearts, the Divine connection with Source.

This page will soon introduce the most belovéd of women to the reader of the site. May they inspired you as they have inspired me. Please look for my book which will be out soon, published by Winds of Change Press.