Healing Ray

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Classes meet regularly. Members participate in an absent healing meditation led by a conductor. All students are invited to participate.

The Healing Class is dedicated to the preparation of oneself for healing concentration that extends out to the greater community. Classes focus on special practices which are applied for the purpose of mental purification generating healing magnetism, and breath control. We learn how to use repetitive recitations of Sacred Phrases which also focus the healer on those in need.

“Consciously or unconsciously every being is capable of healing himself/herself or others. This instinct is born in insects, birds, and beasts, as well as human beings. All these find their own medicine and heal themselves and each other in various ways. (POM Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Message, Vol IV, p. 88)

The ultimate purpose of the class is a guide for the healer who must be confident of their at-oneness with the Divine within, and during the time of healing one should most assuredly feel the perfection of the Almighty working through one’s intention, thus absolutely losing the thought of the individual self. (POM Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Message, Vol. IV, p. 91)

See schedule for meeting times.


Beloved Lord, Almighty God,
Through the rays of the Sun,
Through the waves of the Air,
Through the All-Pervading Life in Space,
Purify and revivify me, and I pray,
Heal my body, heart, and soul.