About SUFI Friends, the Institute and Courses

Dear Friends and Learners,

First, I would like to sincerely thank all the community of friends and colleagues who have helped with ideas and images to create this SUFI Institute website for the Sufi Message. Gratitude goes to the following people who donated so generously to the construction of our site: Ben, James, Adeeba, Taaj & Andrew, Sara, Sophia, Saqi, Meena, Amrita, Naheed, Mahbud, Jay Lev, Khaliq, Tanzen Two-Feather, Robin and Inayat. Without your generous help we could not have gone forward to make this site a reality. May it expand and grow in support of the arising needs within all peoples lives.

Hazrat Inayat Khan who has inspired this SUFI site has also influenced many Sufi Orders so that they could develop and advocate their type of transmission of his teachings. These many Sufi Orders have variable content and translations but overall the inspiration comes from one prophetic messenger, that is Hazrat Inayat Khan who synthesized four Sufi lineages, Chistiyya, Naqshabhandiyya, Suhrawardiyya, Qadiriyya and began a new Cause by calling the spiritual themes of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty. Applying his inspiration, this statement below reflects the true essence of our Institute.

To be a Sufi in practice means to be a true human being living a life of the heart and enhancing the attitude of well-being for the benefit of all.

The Sufi Universal Fraternal Institute provides wisdom and simple applications for promoting spiritual, physical and mental health modalities useful in our time. The drop down menu on the Institute Page will bring you into information about the following:

  1. Our purpose for each course,
  2. The courses available to study,
  3. The directors of the courses and the start dates,
  4. The online community and how it works

As you investigate the drop-down menu under the Institute, you will find further information about the Faculty, Admission, Courses, Tuition and News.

Feel welcomed, feel greeted, and feel united within the true sense of collaborative learning.

Yours in infinite blessings and service and again deep gratitude to our donors,

Aadya Murshida Dr. Perez-Chisti, President

SUFI Courses and Purpose

Class will begin January 2023

Start Date of Course: We will begin our online course January 2023. Dr. Meyer’s class on Heart Meditation will be 8 – 9 CT, Chief Phillip Scott will be 12 noon PST, and Aadya Murshida’s classes on Healing and Gatha Study will be 6 -7 PST. Please adjust your time for your location. A Zoom invitation will be sent out to those who have registered for the class. Please register you class preference by emailing: [email protected]

Instructor: The courses will be offered by Faculty members of SUFI. Dr. Mary Meyer-Heart Rhythm Meditation, Chief Phillip Scott -Indigenous Medicine Ways and Aadya Murshid-Gatha Study Circle and Healing Study Circle.

Subject of Study: Please see COURSES for information regarding Class offerings.

Registration: For those members who are interested in signing up for the courses please write an email to [email protected] After receipt of your message you will be given a registration form and code for connecting up to the class meeting.

Meeting Times: Meeting times vary according to the instructor’s schedule. Please see COURSE SCHEDULE FOR START TIMES. Assignments will be given for your contemplation and study. The following dates will be given in the class for the second, third, and forth sections of the series.

Commitment: Please note that students sincerely commit to the full class schedule so that the class formation remains intact and supports all those who are present. Please register by the last week of December 2022. The texts can be (ordered from Amazon.com or other cyber distributors) for the courses if needed.

Donations: Suggested donations for classes is $150. Please go to the HOME page of our website and use Square located on the bottom of the Home Page.

Looking forward to seeing you all in our online classes. Wishing you many blessings and insightful realizations as we view the collective contributions of these wonderful instructors. May peacefulness abide with all people and may we open our hearts toward expanded understanding.

Infinite Blessings all, Aadya Murshida (Ana Perez-Chisti, PhD.)