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Medtations for January 2020

May all blessings and happiness surround you and your families for this New Year

Jan. 5-11th:

Silence is of four kinds: silence of speech, eye, ear, and mind. Only the last is pure silence and the most important. Silence is the Eternal Speech, the One Word, the Heart-to-Heart talk. (Ramana Maharshi). Let us meditate on “Pure Silence.”

Jan. 12-18th:

That mind of fearlessness should be put in the cradle of loving-kindness and suckled with the profound and brilliant milk of eternal doubtlessness. In the cool shade of fearlessness, fan it with the fan of joy and happiness. (Chogyam Trungpa). Let us meditate on loving-kindness and eternal doubtlessness.

Jan. 19-25th:

Have trust and constant joyfulness, and then you cannot be startled. (Chogyum Trungpa). Let us meditate on joyfulness.

Jan. 26-Feb. 1st:

To look at the experience of others from our viewpoint can be more enlightening than always looking at our own experience from our own viewpoint. (Virupa) Let us meditate on looking at the experience of others from our viewpoint.

Organite Pyramid by Robin Laflamme
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Meditations for December 2019–Light

Dec. 1-7: If light is in your heart, you will always find your way home. (Rumi) Let us meditate on our heart light leading us home.

Dec. 8-14: Thy Light is in all forms, Thy Love in all beings. (Hazrat Inayat Khan). Let us meditate on the Light and Love within all beings.

Dec. 15-21: I have created thee with My Light, and from thy Light all is created. (Holy Qur’an). Let us meditate on all of creation as being the Light of the One.

Dec. 22-28: Believe in the Light while you have the Light, so that you may become children of the Light. (John 12:36). Let us meditate on Light pouring forth from our glance.

Dec. 29-Jan.4th 2020The light of dawn rises on the soul so that part of the (predominating) realities emanating from the constellations and from the angels who are their liturgies predominates in them. (Suhrawardi, (tr.) Henri Corbin). Let us face our New Year meditating on bringing the Light of the constellations and the angels into our planet earth and into all living beings and things.

Blessed Holy Days and may this New Year bring luminosity into your deepest selves.

Arabic for Light

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